R²FAR 2023 Raised $89,569!

This past year, SABC hosted 1539 campers. 984 of those campers were given either full or partial sponsorship to come to camp. A total of $181,384 was given out in sponsorships, $89,569 of that being raised by R²FAR!

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Ben's Quality Meats PartnerShip

For every 'Ride for a Reason Pack', Ben's Quality Meats will donate $50 to the Ride for a Reason fundraiser campaign in support of helping children from southern Alberta attend summer camp in 2024. This initiative strikes close to home as we see the costs of everyday necessities rise with inflation and know that household budgets are being stretched thinner than ever before. By supporting this campaign, together we can help ensure that any family wanting to give their children the experience and memories of summer camp can do so, without worrying about the financial implications... all while enjoying some of your favorite, locally sourced beef products!