The Reason

There is a huge amount of optimism as we look forward to the coming summer.  SABC is planning to be open for in person overnight summer camps again!  It has been 2 years of uncertainty and of not being able to do what we believe we were put on this planet to do.  Now, finally, there is hope!

This summer we anticipate a huge response as the feedback we have been receiving is that parents can’t wait for summer camp to start again.  We’ve also received feedback that there will be a wide range of people from different life paths wanting to send their kids to camp - those that have been relatively unscathed financially through the pandemic, and others whose lives have been turned upside down.   

Every penny of funds raised go directly into the SABC All Aboard Fund.  The only purpose for this fund is to assist parents who cannot afford full fees of summer camp by providing subsidies.  The balance of this fund varies from year to year but will only be used for this specific purpose even if it has to be carried over to the following year.  We are so thankful for this R²FAR event that allows camp to be more accessible to kids in need.

Thank you for considering your part in supporting SABC.  We are looking forward to celebrating the work that will continue this summer, and the lives that will be transformed!

Jonathan Gartly

Executive Director